Luxury_To rise in the infinite, in the richness of the contents so in synthesis we could define the vein artist Lilia Mamone. A new, refined taste, which is striking not only for the issues addressed, but precisely for the yield personal, exhaustive that communicates emotion in charged works, but at the same time very balanced for colors, lines and objective thicknesses. Works that seem spot on, a lot communicative, but which go beyond just figurative data. Paintings that are affected, they seem agree with the names affixed to them as if there was a tacit musical agreement between them: so the work "Riva" underlines that chromatic line that vibrates almost like a reflux jet of the tide. A very significant component of purely taste is then denoted in other works conceptual. Look carefully at the "Vogue" painting. That use of using acrylic color and jute which refer to the same alchemy of the magazine or to give depth to the ephemeral. But even more the compositional apex is felt in the work "Bulgari": the compositional cut is exquisite and that made contemporary to the given luxury sector with the skilful use of aluminum paper. Truly a conceptual rendered with taste, a grace that finally regains its origin of these great international brands that, by dint of seeing them in magazines in every field, has almost been lost totally their constitutional incipit and then even more we must thank this artist to make us rethink and dwell on the value of pure human creativity. VALERIA S.LOMBARDI Doctor of Contemporary Art History graduated from the State University of Milan